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ROLE 5: Assist Elected Officials or Citizens

External Reporting, Capacity Building, or Advocacy for the Use of Performance Information

Below, “external stakeholders” include, for example, non-executive elected officials, the general citizenry, interest groups, grantees and contractors (non-profit & for profit), and the media.

Practice 5a. External advocacy: Advocate to, or assist, external stakeholders, concerning the development, implementation, or improvement of government performance management systems.

The auditor advocates to elected officials, citizens, or other external stakeholders for the government to adopt or improve performance management systems.  Such advocacy may include, for example, making presentations, providing briefings, providing reports appropriate to the particular audience, or drafting laws, resolutions, or guidelines that would require or encourage adoption or improvement of such systems.

In Austin, Texas, the City Auditor has drafted resolutions and ordinances, which have influenced development of performance management in Austin both when the City Council has passed the legislation and when it has not. … Read more

In Florida, the Office of Program and Policy Analysis and Government Accountability (OPPAGA), has regularly advocated for improving accountability by providing the legislature briefings, user-friendly short reports, and guidance in using and improving Florida's performance management systems.  These have included progress in implementing the State's performance budgeting system (PB2) and other initiatives, and recommendations for system improvements including making PB2 more useful for decision making. … Read more

In Kansas City, Missouri, the City Auditor calls the need for performance measurement improvement to the attention of the Mayor, City Council, and other policy officials in audit reports, special citywide reports such as a distillation of recommendations over 14 years and a budget best practices report, and in meetings with Council members, the city’s Board of Police, and Board of Parks and Recreation Commissioners. … Read more

In Montgomery County, Maryland, Office of Legislative Oversight helped the Council establish policy guidance for County departments and agencies in respect to developing program-specific performance measures.  This policy guidance was included in a performance measurement resolution passed by the Council in 1998. … Read Example from 2004 Guide (PDF)

In Portland, Oregon, the City Auditor recommended that the Mayor and City Council adopt a managing for results ordinance, conduct citywide strategic planning, and adopt a City mission and goals. The ordinance was passed and implementation has been proceeding since 2003 . … Read more