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ROLE 5: Assist Elected Officials or Citizens

External Reporting, Capacity Building, or Advocacy for the use of Performance Information

Practice 5d.
Engage citizens: Engage citizens in determining performance goals, objectives, or measures.

The auditor conducts or assists processes (e.g., public forums, focus groups, representative advisory committee meetings, meetings with diverse stakeholder groups, preference surveys) to engage citizens in helping to shape or determine public goals, objectives, or performance measures.

The Kansas City, Missouri, City Auditor conducted focus groups in which business representatives voiced their service performance concerns in depth.  The City Auditor also convened a City Services Performance Report Advisory Panel consisting of seven community representatives and two city management staff to help select performance measures to report, and contacted them four years later to ask if reported measures were still relevant. … Read more

The Multnomah County, Oregon County Auditor led citizen discussion groups to learn how much citizens knew about County government, what they would like to know, and how they personally assess government performance, to help the audit office develop its performance reporting approach.  Conclusions about what citizens want in a report were included in a feasibility study and repeated in the introductions to performance reports. … Read Example from the 2004 Guide (PDF)

The Phoenix, Arizona, City Auditor Department has conducted customer and employee focus groups to help departments develop results-oriented performance measures, and has facilitated citizen meetings to help develop the “Organizational Indicators” reported at the beginning of the monthly City Manager Executive Report. … Read Example from the 2004 Guide (PDF)

In Washington, after voters passed Initiative 900, the state auditor was given the authority to conduct performance audits of any state agency or local government. The greatly expanded mandate inspired the state auditor to engage citizens in a variety of new ways, as a means of gathering information on citizen perceptions of government and priorities for performance audits, and to help citizens gain an understanding of the performance auditing process.  …Read More