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ROLE 3: Define or Measure Performance

Developing Performance Measures or Measuring Performance, Outside the Traditional Audit Process

While these activities are not typically thought of as part of “traditional” audit processes, some auditor organizations consider these efforts to be audit projects.

Practice 3b. Collect data: Collect performance measurement data.

Working outside the traditional audit process, the auditor collects data useful for assessing performance, such as inputs, outputs, outcomes, citizen perceptions, or customer satisfaction data.  The auditor may also compile such data, or make such data available, manually or through automated information systems as part of a performance management system.

In Kansas City, Missouri, the City Auditor has commissioned citizen surveys since the mid-1990s, as well as a survey and focus groups of business people, to assess public satisfaction, perceptions, and priorities.  Since 2000, citizen surveys have been reported with comparative results from numerous other cities.  In 2004, the citizen survey was extended to include both random citizens and contacts representing neighborhood groups, and the auditor began reporting survey results by geographic area within the city … Read more

The Phoenix, Arizona, City Auditor Department has coordinated an internal customer satisfaction survey on how satisfied employees are with services they receive from departments with whom they work. … Read Example from 2004 Guide (PDF)

The Portland, Oregon, City Auditor directly administers annual citizen and business surveys by mail, collects other kinds of performance data from six comparator cities, and reports the results in the City's annual Service Efforts and Accomplishments (SEA) Report. In 2005, the City Auditor’s Office conducted the citizen survey on a small neighborhood basis for the first time, and created an interactive web feature to view comparative results by neighborhood. … Read more

Since 1993, Prince William County, Virginia, Internal Auditor has been contract manager for the County's Citizen Satisfaction Survey.  Internal Audit also screens the results for accuracy and coordinates changes to the question set. … Read more

The San Francisco City Services Auditor recently conducted both a user survey of park conditions and made their own study of park conditions based on observations. The observation-based study is used for an annual public report on parks, streets, and sidewalk maintenance. The public report on the 2007 user survey is notable for its comparisons of user perceptions and trained observer ratings of park conditions ... Read more