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ROLE 4: Encourage or Assist Management:

Planning, Designing, Improving, or Advocating for Performance Management Systems and Their Use

Practice 4a. Encourage management: Encourage management to develop and implement performance management systems.

The auditor advocates internally (to management) to adopt performance management systems.  The auditor may encourage management to develop and implement such systems by, for example, providing information on management improvements or operational benefits that can be achieved by using such systems, briefing or providing guidance reports to management on best practices in performance management, or providing guidance on initial system planning and design.

The Province of Alberta Auditor General provides guidance and encouragement to its ministries and other government entities to improve performance, measurement, and accountability.  The Auditor General publishes guidance materials including a Government Accountability publication and best practices guidelines. … Read more

The Florida Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability and the Auditor General developed a set of “best practices and indicators” for school districts and provided on-line access to a “Self-assessment Instrument” district management could use to determine whether their school district was using the best practices, including the best practices for performance accountability. … Read more

In Portland, Oregon, the City Auditor recently conducted an entity-wide study of performance management practices, including the extent of use of performance information in planning, budgeting, managing, and public reporting. The City Auditor issued a report on the strengths and weaknesses of City of Portland performance management practices including a proposal to implement an integrated managing for results process, and has further encouraged management by revising public performance reporting. … Read more

The Texas State Auditor’s Office (SAO) provides classes for agency managers on performance measurement and on-line tools and guidance, including a comprehensive guide that puts performance measurement in the context of statewide performance management systems, explains measurement expectations and uses by the governor and legislature, and helps agencies prepare for SAO measure certification audits. … Read more