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ROLE 4: Encourage or Assist Management:

Planning, Designing, Improving, or Advocating for Performance Management Systems and Their Use

Practice 4b. Assist management: Assist management in designing, improving, or maintaining performance management systems, or build the capacity of management to do so.

The auditor may advise, consult, or assist management in designing, purchasing, improving, or maintaining any or all stages of a managing for results (MFR) process and the performance management systems that support them.  These stages may include, for example, strategic or business planning, budgeting, planning or improving service delivery, monitoring, and reporting, with all stages linked by performance information.  For example, the auditor may serve on a team with management to advise or assist in designing or improving systems.  The auditor may also advise or assist management on assuring adequate internal controls on performance information systems.  The auditor may build capacity by training management staff, or other internal stakeholders, in knowledge or skills to develop, implement, run, or use performance management systems or system components.  The auditor may build future capacity by reviewing management’s use of performance information, and recommending how to use it better.  The auditor may also support internal capacity by, for example, providing analyses or interpretations of performance information for managers or other internal stakeholders.

The Austin, Texas, City Auditor has been involved in training and assisting management staff since the mid-1980's.  Advice and assistance to the Budget Office eventually facilitated the City’s 1999 formal Managing for Results/Business Planning initiative.  Since then, the Budget Office has been maintaining updated tools and online resources for managers to use. … Read more

In British Columbia, a small group of staff from the Office of the Auditor General (OAG) has focused its efforts on promoting improved government performance management by providing advice or collaborating with management staff.  In relation to this, in 2005 the OAG published a report describing the government’s progress in implementing a managing for results approach and identified options to further this initiative. … Read more

In King County, Washington, Performance Measurement Work Group members include staff from the Office of the County Auditor, executive departments, the judiciary, County Council, and separately elected county officials.  The auditor’s office facilitates this advisory group, which promotes a consistent, well-aligned approach to program planning, budgeting, and performance measurement.  … Read more

In Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, from 1999-2001 the County Auditor participated in an Outcomes Based Measurement Design Team to guide Milwaukee County's transition to an outcome and performance measurement system in 2002.  Together, the design team developed guiding principles, an implementation plan, a glossary, logic model, and a template for reporting outcomes, indicators, and targets. … Read more

In Phoenix, Arizona, the City Auditor Department has provided both formal and informal assistance in helping departments make performance measures more results-oriented and responsive to citizen perspectives, and has helped City management to improve public performance reports, including improving the graphic appearance for public reporting on the web. … Read Example from 2004 Guide (PDF)

The Portland, Oregon City Auditor has been advising management on ways to design a more coherent entity-wide system to manage for results since issuing its 2002 Managing for Results recommendations.  As part of this process, all performance measures developed and reported by City bureaus are subject to review by the City Auditor’s Office. … Read more

In Saskatchewan, the Auditor General has worked with a team to help the regional health authorities to develop program performance indicators as well as develop self-assessment tools so that government departments can gauge their progress in adopting managing for results systems and practices. … Read Example from 2004 Guide (PDF)

The West Palm Beach, Florida, Auditor's Office provides assistance to departments through training and developing their staff to track and measure improvements in areas where the departments are addressing challenges. … Read Example from 2004 Guide (PDF)