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Auditors Adding Value Series

Essential Perspective for Improving Performance Measures: Users & Their Uses of Performance Information (AuditorRoles.org, June 2015) Auditors play important roles in improving the usefulness of performance information. An essential step is the Ask the User. This article guides an auditor through the process of collecting and analyzing key user information to develop findings & recommendations for making performance data more valuable to more people, and links to a free downloadable auditor tool. … more

City Auditor of Winnipeg Adds Chief Performance Officer Role (AuditorRoles.org, Sept 2011)
The Winnipeg City Auditor was given this new title along with his many other audit related responsibilities, and has used the roles and practices encouraged by the Auditor Roles project to help shape and guide Chief Performance Officer activities, … more

San Jose Auditor & Manager Joint Plan to Improve Performance Management (AuditorRoles.org, Aug 2011)
The San Jose City Auditor’s “Proposal for Improvement” of performance management and reporting, signed jointly with the City Manager, engages the auditor’s oiffice in several innovative practices featured on this website in an effort to transform the city government into a data-driven high performing organization. … more

Auditor Roles Project Revises Sample Criteria for Relevance and Reliability (AuditorRoles.org, June 2010)
Auditors can make valuable contributions to improving performance management by helping government agencies improve the relevance and reliability of performance measures and data. To help ausitors add value in this way, the Auditor Roles Project has updated its “sample criteria” for assessing the relevance and reliability of performance information to make the criteria clearer, more concise, and more useful … more

Tallahassee Auditor Aids City’s Performance Measurement and Reporting Progress (AuditorRoles.org, January 2010)
Since 2007, the Office of the City Auditor of Tallahasee, Florida, has helped spur important progress, providing an early form of public reporting and assisting city departments in developing “vital signs” performance measures requested by the city’s elected body, the City Commission. … more

Performance Measurement Helps a New Audit Office Find a High Leverage Way to Start its Work (AuditorRoles.org, July 2008)
How do you get a new audit shop off to a good start? The first City Auditor of Lawrence, KS, tells how he used performance measurement in both selecting initial audit topics and in considering how those audits can result in improvements … more

Performance Management Systems Offer High Value Audit Opportunities (GAP News, 1st quarter, 2008)
To change “managing for results” from a slogan to a reality, organizations must establish an effective performance management system that feeds back measured results into decisions. Auditors can help make that happen … more

Add Value to Government Performance and Performance Audits (GAP News, 3rd quarter, 2007) 
Leaders in the field have found testing performance measures and data to be a faster practice to conduct than performance auditing, and, sometimes, a more far-reaching audit tool that complementsa regular program of performance auditing … more

More Articles to Help Auditors Play these Roles

Reaching Out to Managers, Elected Officials, and Citizens Makes Auditors Effective Agents of Change and Accountability(AuditorRoles.org, June 2007) While some audit executives may see their role purely as auditing management’s systems after they are implemented or changed, others have taken a more active role, both to encourage systems change and to contribute the special skills of their audit staff to help ensure more effective, accountable systems are developed. … more 

GASB in the U.S. and PSAB in Canada Move Toward Recommending Government Performance Reporting Practices(AuditorRoles.org, June 2007) 
More governments have been issuing public performance reports, but are the reports useful to citizens and elected officials, and is the information in them relevant and reliable? As an auditor, whether you approach performance reporting as an attester, a preparer, or both, news from North American standards setting organizations is important to your practice … more 

The IIA Partners with ALGA & NASACT to Launch a Project to Spread Best Practices (AuditorRoles.org, June 2007, with updates) 
Creative auditors have shown they can move performance management and accountability of their governments noticeably forward when they help improve performance measurement and how it is used. While these government auditors have used the long-established practice of performance auditing, they have also gone well beyond that and engaged in a wide array of newer, less-used practices. … more