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Auditor Toolkit

Auditors across North America have been generous in sending “tools” for performance measurement related practices to share with their colleagues from other audit organizations.  Most of the tools are directly downloadable here for your review, adaptation, and use in your government entity.  A small number are linked to auditor websites to download from there.

Tools include data collection instruments, methodologies for various practices, guidance papers, audit criteria, audit steps and full audit programs.  Most are tools for auditor use, while a few are tools that can be provided to management or elected officials, such as self-assessment steps for management to test their own data, a business planning checklist to aid performance management, and a draft ordinance for performance measurement and reporting.

There is at least one tool for every role, though not yet one for every practice.  The tools are listed by the practice they were used for by an audit organization featured under “Exemplary Practices.”  Some tools could be used for more than one role or practice.  For example, various data collection methods or instruments are listed under several roles.  So it can be worth taking a little time to browse the lists of tools for all five roles to find tools most useful for you.