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ROLE 5: Assist Elected Officials or Citizens

Practice 5a. External advocacy: Advocate to, or assist, external stakeholders, concerning the development, implementation, or improvement of government performance management systems.

Austin, Texas, City Auditor [Profile]
In 1992, the Office of the City Auditor (OCA) drafted a resolution to encourage City management to measure performance and issue annual performance reports, which was adopted by the City Council.   As part of its 1998 review of the City’s progress, the OCA drafted an ordinance that would require specific performance measurement and management practices.  OCA included the draft ordinance in its audit report.  While the proposed ordinance was not adopted, it was influential in that the City Manager’s response to OCA’s 1998 report proposed a plan to improve performance management in Austin, in cooperation with the City Auditor, which the City Council accepted.  Another version of the ordinance was drafted, though not adopted, as part of OCA’s 2002 MFR Assessment (see “Tools” below).

More detailed information on the resolution and ordinance proposed by the Office of the City Auditor, as well as OCA’s efforts to bring examples of best practices in performance measurement to the City Council’s Audit and Finance Committee [Example in 2004 Guide-PDF]


2002 Draft City Council Ordinance on City Performance Management (DOC)


Summary of Performance Measurement and Reporting 1998, (December 1998)