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Organizations & Their Publications

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
Making Municipal Governments More Responsive to Their Citizens contains information on the Sloan Foundation’s program to make municipal governments more responsive to their citizens by promoting performance measurement and reporting and enabling direct service request, including a listing of current and recent projects with contact info.

American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
Attestation Standards

American Society for Public Administration
Center for Accountability and Performance (CAP) has produced training symposia and publications.  CAP publications available through ASPA Store include:

  • Accountability Cases
  • Meeting the Challenges of Performance Oriented Government
  • Performance Measurement Concepts & Techniques Workbook

Association of Government Accountants

  • Service Efforts and Accomplishments (SEA) Program for state & local governments, including Certificate of Achievement awards.
  • Certificate of Excellence in Accountability Reporting (CEAR) Program for federal agencies
  • Performance and Accountability, includes information several AGA accountability programs and a link to the AGA’s FY05 Performance and accountability report
  • Citizen-Centric Reporting Initiative includes links to completed citizen reports, content and design templates, and information on an upcoming toolkit for media outreach

Association of Local Government Auditors
Includes current and archived “Quarterly Articles,” many of which relate to measuring, reporting, and using performance measures or benchmarks of community conditions, or managing for results, such as:

Audit Commission (UK)
Focuses on a full range of local and district services in England and Wales provided by authorities for general local government, housing, education, health, and criminal justice, including comparisons across local authorities; resources include:

Auditor General of Canada
Resources include:

The Brookings Institution
The Urban Markets Initiative of the Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program includes:

  • A project to establish a National Infrastructure for Community Statistics (NICS)

Relevant publications:

CCAF-FCVI (Formerly Canadian Comprehensive Audit Foundation)
Offers a list of news and archives on the site from 1999-2007 which includes titles such as:

  • How to Improve Public Performance Reports. Major Topic at Conference Chaired by CCAF.
  • CCAF’s Improved Public Performance Reporting Program Gets Guidance From its Task Force.
  • And several relevant publications, including Reporting Principles: Taking Public Performance Reporting to a New Level (Executive Summary) (PDF)

Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants
CICA publications include:

  • The 2007-2008 Annual Report of the Accounting Standards Oversight Council (PDF), includes a report by the Public Sector Accounting Board with information on its public performance reporting initiatives.
  • The CICA Standards and Guidance Collection (CICA Handbook)

Also at CICA is the Public Sector Accounting Board (PSAB), with information on accounting standards and statements of recommended practice, and related publications, such as the Guide to Preparing Performance Reports (PDF)

Community Indicators Consortium

  • Examples of indicator efforts in the US and abroad
  • Publications including information on setting up an indicators project and finding and working with data, articles and reports
  • A framework for community indicator projects

Effective Community Governance
Provides a model of effective governance focused on measurable results and engaged citizens, case studies of the model in action, information on how to use the model, and new collaborative strategic improvement approaches such as community balanced scorecards.  Includes information on the book Results That Matter (Epstein, Coates, & Wray, 2006).

The Finance Project
Focuses on children, families, and communities; includes publications on performance management; many are at the Economic Success Clearinghouse Managing for Results page, such as:

Fund for the City of New York
Center on Municipal Government Performance contains information on how the center has applied technology and adapted market research tools to the public sector to create innovative ways to assess government performance that involve the public, and help government align its work with public expectations.

Governmental Accounting Standards Board
GASB’s Performance Reporting for Government website includes many useful documents and resources, such as:

And downloadable publications on performance measurement and reporting, such as:

Government Finance Officers Association
Offers information on recommended practices, including publications such as:

IBM Center for the Business of Government
Downloadable “Publications” –  catalog of the over 150 reports and 16 books produced by the IBM Center for The Business of Government from 1998 to 2006.  These include “Using Performance Management,” “Engaging Citizens,” and “Using Networks and Partnerships.”

Also, has download links to publications, including:

  • Managing for Results 2005
  • The Baltimore CitiStat Program: Performance and Accountability
  • Performance Management: A “Start Where You Are, Use What You Have” Guide, with versions for Career Executives and Political Executives

ICMA Center for Performance Measurement
Contains samples of performance indicators for various service areas, information on uses of performance information, including case studies on the uses of citizen surveys, employee training, implementation of performance measurement, performance reporting in budget and finance, public reporting, the use of scorecards, benchmarking, and staff accountability.

A list of products and publications contains many books and resources on these topics, including comparative data reports on service performance across local governments, and the popular handbook (prepared with the Urban Institute) How Effective Are Your Community Services.

Also offers free downloads of articles and presentations, including titles such as:

  • Best Practice Reviews for Local Government (Requires Microsoft Internet Explorer to access)
  • Eleven Ways to Make Performance Measurement More Useful to Public Managers (PDF)
  • Public Sector Benchmarking: A Practical Approach (PDF)
  • Prince William County: Working With Department Heads, Staff, and Elected Officials (PDF)
  • Santa Barbara County: Linking Performance Measures with Strategic Planning and Budget (PDF)

The Institute of Internal Auditors

The International  Professional Practices Framework includes Code of Ethics and International Standards of Internal Auditing (from the IIA Red Book).

GAP (Government Auditing Professional News) from the IIA a quarterly publication for government auditors including:  Guidance, news, audit reports, performance measurements, audit programs, checklists, scorecard progress, report examples, IT, sector-specific links, international resources, U.S. Resources, associations for government auditors.

Other relevant publications offered include:

  • Balanced Scorecard Step-by-Step for Government and Nonprofit Agencies
  • Performance Auditing:  A Measurement Approach

International Center for Performance Auditing

The International Center for Performance Auditing was founded in 2009 to strengthen the capacity of performance audit organizations to deliver on the promise of effective democratic governance and enhanced citizen trust in government.

Managing for Results:  National Partnership for Reinventing Government (Updated March 17, 2000)
Archive of documents on results-oriented government from the U.S. National Performance Review and its successor National Partnership (1993-2000).  Includes links to numerous resources including case studies, articles, guidance, and underlying performance-focused legislation such as the Government Performance and Results Act of 1993.

National Association of State Auditors, Comptrollers and Treasurers
The National State Auditors Association (NSAA) is part of NASACT.

National Center for Civic Innovation
NCCI has been running Government Performance Reporting Grant Programs funded by the Sloan Foundation, including the 2007-08 Trailblazer Grant Program to encourage government entities in the U.S. and Canada to involve the public in their performance measurement and reporting process and produce more accessible and engaging reports.

  • U.S. Trailblazer grantees are expected to follow some or all of GASB “Suggested Criteria for Effective Communication.”
  • Canadian Trailblazer grantees are expected to follow the PSAB’s “Statement of Recommended Practice: SORP-2: Public Performance Reporting.”

National Center for Public Productivity
Includes links to several performance measurement manuals, case studies, and a list of publications and journals.

National Conference of State Legislatures
Legislating for Results offers information on using performance information, with links to resources and links to state performance management websites.

National Governor’s Association
NGA Center for Best Practices has a section on managing for results, including information on concepts such as balanced scorecards and results-based budgeting, a glossary, links, publications, and a compilation of links to state performance-based management web sites.

The Performance Institute  
The Center for Government Performance Management studies and disseminates performance management innovations and shares this knowledge to improve transparency, performance, and accountability in government management.

Public Sector Accounting Board (Canada)
Information on accounting standards and statements of recommended practices, including government performance reporting practices, and related publications, such as the Guide to Preparing Performance Reports (PDF)

The Rensselaerville Institute
Focuses on outcome measurement and tracking, and investing and managing for outcomes.  Information available on the publications page include:

  • Outcome Funding:  A New Approach to Targeted Grantmaking
  • Outcome Frameworks:  An Overview for Practitioners
  • Target Setting & Result Verification Guidebook

Strategy Aligned Management – Local Government
An on-line “Community of Practice” featuring webinars on strategic performance management, including balanced scorecards from organizations and communities, with viewable recordings of past webinars.

Urban Institute
Features links for information on numerous publications on performance measurement and evaluation, such as:

United States Government Accountability Office
Contains the Government Auditing Standards “Yellow Book” and a list of special publications on government policy and guidance, including:

United States Office of Management and Budget (OMB)
Has examples of performance measures from federal agencies, and OMB’s Program Assessment Rating Tool (PART) system, including supporting guidance.